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Update your branded apparel with HXD

Add a third dimension to your company clothing with HXD, a new printing system for branded apparel. HXD is an update on the embroidery method, proving to be not only more durable but versatile too.

Take full creative control with its many customisable options; apply it almost anywhere on your apparel thanks to its strong adhesive and choose from eight different finishes to get just the right look. 

Choose your finish based on how subtle or noticeable you’d like your logo to appear:
  • Standard. Select the standard finish for a high quality, matte finish in any colour.
  • Metallic. Add a shine to your product with the metallic finish, or combine with the standard finish for a dynamic look.
  • Specialty finishes include; Metal Plate, Brushed Metal, Chrome, Gold, Silver or Carbon Fibre. Carbon fibre will add a touch of detail without jumping right off the product, for a subtle look. Or, if you’re after something a little bolder, Chrome has a bright, silvery finish that will stand out on any base colour. 
Contact our sales team to learn more about this new embroidery technique and the products that can be branded with HXD.