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Picking the best promotional item for winter

The key to achieving effective cut-through with your communication and promotional items is to invest in items that are relevant to your audience and the time of year you plan to do a sales push.  

With winter fast encroaching, beanies are that all-round crowd pleaser suitable to a suite of audiences, travel far and wide (hello Thredbo), and tend to enjoy a long life in the hands of your customer.

Beanies for sponsorships

Do you sponsor a local sports team? Customise our knitted acrylic Commando Beanie or Everest Beanie by choosing from 12 colours embroidered with your brandmark or team logo to show some team spirit! These beanies will be warmly welcomed by mums and dads spectating from the sidelines.

Beanies for customers and clients (and their families!)

Adventure is calling your branded beanie, watch it be taken to new heights on family ski trips up to the peaks of the Snowy Mountains. The cable knitted acrylic yarn Nebraska Cable Knit Beanie is simple and polished by design and will add some style (and warmth) to a client’s next ski trip.

Beanies for work

A few toastier options for those of you whose work takes you out into the icy wind and rain or spending time in large cold warehouses. Our 100% Wool Beanie and Polar Fleece Rollup Beanie are available to order with optional embroidery and screen printing for a touch of branding and are currently on sale.

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