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Make dozens of brand impressions a day with this office staple

In the same way that a reusable coffee cups places your brand in the hands of your customers as part of their daily routine, adding a custom printed calendar to your promotional mix will give you year-round daily impressions on customers and clients. Calendars often occupy prime real estate in the workplace – think retail store, dentist surgery, accounting firm, reception desk … the list goes on. Here are a few ways that calendars will have your brand at the fingertips of your customers and their customers on a regular basis, without them even noticing!

The Desk

Pop a Calendar Mouse Mat or A2 Desk Pad Calendar in as a free gift with all client orders beginning in November or slip it in an end-of-year Christmas card to  score yourself a spot on the desk of the person ordering your products. This will keep you at front of mind for future orders and is a clever relationship building value-add.

The top spot for our Custom Desk Calendar is on the reception desk of any office. Imagine the foot traffic at the reception desk of your local doctor’s surgery and the possible brand impressions made from that one location.

For something a little out of the box, our Magnetic 360 Round Calendar and Building Blocks Calendar are great for the fidget-ers of the office. Think of them as the calendar version of a stress ball. These are best suited as giveaways at university open days and career fairs or trade shows.

The Office Kitchen

How often do you find yourself making a cuppa or grabbing a snack throughout the work day? Easily fitting inside a standard DL envelope, shoot a Fridge Magnet Calendar through with any piece of mail to clients and it could land you dozens of impressions a day, year round. A product with possibly the lowest cost per impression – our range starts at less than $1 per unit.

The Classic

Of course, the classic wall calendar takes the cake when it comes to functionality. Our range of calendars come in a range of four sizes and you’ll be finding them around your client’s office, in meeting rooms or personal cubicles or maybe not at all - they could be at home in the family kitchen.

The trick with these are to use high quality and beautiful images that will appeal to your target audience (there’s a reason that firefighter calendars are so popular).

One way to engage with clients, customers and your target audience is through calendar photo competitions (like ours!). You’ll get beautiful imagery that resonates with the people you want to reach as it has been generated by them!

Explore our range of calendars now and get in touch with our team to get your 2019 custom printed calendar underway.