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Low cost quality gifts to give your clients at the end of the year

Here we list our top five end of year gifts for under $25 because a limited marketing budget shouldn’t stop you from showing your clients how much you appreciate them. Not only are these items within budget, they’re so functional and practical that they are sure to sneak into your clients’ every day lives.

1. Solo Lunch Cooler Bag
A lunch box may not seem like your typical gift but, like socks, they’re one of those handy, necessary and practical items that are often forgotten on shopping trips. Take this small hassle away from your clients and give them something they’ll use every day. Bring new meaning to lunchtime with our Solo Lunch Cooler bag, which is available in five colours and we offer four printing technique options.

It’s second nature now to know you need a reusable coffee cup in your branded product suite. Why do they make a good gift? These items are going for about $30 a pop at coffee shops, so they are perfect for an end of year gift to help your clients save money while securing those daily brand impressions.

Ensure your clients devices never go flat with the Dalek Power Bank and land your brand on their desk, car or bag for everyday use. The Dalek Power bank recharges in as little as four hours and can be recharged over 500 times, giving your clients plenty of battery life. Choose from seven colours to match your brand and custom printing options available for the included carry case.

For personal use or for blasting tunes in the office, the Nitro Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with any mobile device from a distance of up to 10 metres via Bluetooth and has a battery life of six hours (almost your standard work day). Recharge using a USB - just plug in to your laptop or power bank!

Most people know the struggle of spending 10 minutes untangling their earphones before each use. The Retractable Ear Buds takes this headache out of your clients’ every day life and will have them listening to their favourite podcast in no time.

Get your end of year gifts organised now to save yourself from a panicked rush later. Here is our gift ordering timeline guide (turnaround times will depend on products selected and quantities). As always, we’re happy to provide a product sample, just be sure to allow time for that, too.

Ordering timeline:

  • September – Pick your product: Select the products and quantities, decide between individual products or hampers
  • October – Place your order: Don’t forget to include all relevant branding for custom printing in correct formats.
  • November – Receive, Package, Post: Receive delivery of your order. Package these up (beautifully gift wrapped or in a hamper) and have ready to distribute to your lucky clients by early December to ensure they’ve received it before their holiday shut down period. Not fussed on gift wrapping? We can send direct to your clients from our warehouse in Condobolin.

Contact us for a chat about your end of year gift ideas.