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Kick goals with these branded balls

Will you be watching the State of Origin tonight? Perhaps you are one of the 4 million viewers that caught Game 3 of last year’s clash. With potential brand impressions sitting high in the millions, it’s hard not to want a piece of that action, so how can you get your business involved?

While you may not have the big bucks of the businesses sponsoring the State of Origin, you can do this on the smaller scale and sponsor a local football team or club. Sponsorship comes with an array of marketing opportunities and positions your company as one that is actively involved in your community, aligning yourself with a fun activity and placing your brand at a sporting venue where hundreds or thousands of impressions can be made regularly.

Here we list our top 3 products you can land your brand on when sponsoring a team:

1. Custom branded balls

Brand and supply 50 balls to your local sports club as a gift or as part of your sponsorship package to literally get your brand into the hands of players, coaches and parents and make repeated impressions on potential customers. For the footy lovers, our range includes custom Rugby League Footballs, AFL Footballs, Rugby Union Footballs and Soccer Balls. Or if you prefer the court, our custom netballs, basketballs, volleyballs or tennis balls are available too.

2. Trophies

Just as the Blues and Maroons covet the State of Origin trophy, your local sports teams are hoping to get their hands on their own trophy. Sponsor the whole competition to get your brand on the trophy or contribute enough trophies for your sponsorship club’s presentation night.

3. Signage and banners

Think about what you see when you watch the State of Origin. Beyond the players, hard hits and referees, you see brandmarks literally printed on the field while banners line it as well. These items are getting huge numbers of impressions between the viewers at home and those sitting in the grandstand. When you attend a large sporting event, there are marquees outside the stadium for selling merch and teardrop banners and street banners promoting the sponsors, individual players and teams. Your local sports competitions may not get television air time, but the sports fields and courts will get foot traffic in the hundreds or thousands of potential customers.