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Does the plastic bag ban have your customers scrambling? We’ve got just the solution – custom branded reusable bags.

Bye, bye plastic!

In the wake of campaigns such as plastic-free July and our country’s largest grocery retailers’ plastic bag ban; now is the time to find a replacement (quickly too). Not all plastic bags make it to landfill, an estimated 30 to 50 million litter our beaches, streets and parks. Those that do end up in landfill? They take anywhere between 15 to 10,000 years to break down.

Investing in your own branded reusable shopping bags not only helps your clients and customers reduce their contributions to landfill but aligns your brand with the environmentally friendly movement (you can add reusable coffee cups to your arsenal too). They also guarantee multiple brand impressions when used for the weekly household grocery shop.

Drawing on materials that are natural in tone and texture the Lanza Jute Tote Bag is made from jute (a natural material most popularly used to make sacks or bind raw cotton bales). Print your brand on these bags to align yourself with a clear environmental message. These bags are sturdy enough to carry heavier items, and their padded cotton handles will cushion the weight in your hands.

Help out with the groceries with the Orca Cooler Bags, ideal for transporting meat and veg home from the grocery store or the local markets, or that carefully curated selection of cheeses and dips to the party. The best part? These are most likely to match your brand colour, with a range of 8 colours to choose from.

Made from unbleached natural cotton, our Carnaby Cotton Shoulder Tote features longer handles to comfortably carry over your shoulder - ideal for the Saturday morning trip to the farmers markets.

With a huge range to choose from, help your target audiences wave goodbye to plastic bags for good.