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Branded products for schools and sports clubs? Don’t stop at uniforms and rugby balls!

Do you remember playing handball in primary school before the morning bell and during recess and lunch? Those days are not over – Illawarra Christian School recently purchased 1,000 custom branded high bounce balls for their students to do exactly that!

This project got the Progress team brainstorming of other out-of-the-box promotional product ideas for schools and junior sports clubs. Here’s what we came up with:
1. Outdoor foldable chairs for the spectating parents

Growing up, or now as a parent, it’s likely you’ve spent time on the sideline of a football field or netball court in the dead of winter. This is the chance for sports clubs or their sponsors to provide seating to parents, while lining the sidelines with their brand. Store them at the fields or courts for free use each week or play a game of musical chairs; make it a competition to take the chair homes by letting the first to the game and take a seat, to take it home with them that day. This means you’ve managed to get your branded foldable chair into frequent use of the winners – they’ll take it camping, to the beach and to the kids games every week.

Pair or replace the outdoor foldable chairs with branded umbrellas or even a fleece blanket!

2. Jump Ropes for the school yard

In the same way the bounce balls will be used for for Illawarra Christian school, jump ropes make an excellent addition to the school’s sport equipment shed, particularly after hosting an event such as a Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser when demand will be sky high! Or take a look at our frisbees to help improve students’ hand-eye coordination.

3. Gifts for club coaches

Most junior team coaches are parents, teachers and club officials volunteering to spend time working with your rugrats on their skills and sportsmanship – not an easy task! Say thanks with a functional gift such as branded lanyards and branded whistles coupled with a bottle of wine and cooler or a block of chocolate!