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Progress Printing deliver 680pg Honey and Pollen Guide!

Did you know the Australian honey bee is crucial to the prosperity of agriculture in Australia? Knowing the suitability and value of floral sources is equally vital for bee’s to produce pollen and thrive. Having taken over 5 years to research and 12 months to design, our client wanted this book to last a long time and a quality result was essential. 

Progress Printing was delighted DPI chose to print 3000 copies of this 680pg Guide in Australia. The first 100 copies were delivered in record time for a field day and they sold out in under 40 mins! Unprecedented demand for these books is coming from land managers and apiarist across the country.  

Progress Printing are one of the few rural based printing companies that can print these large casebound books competitively. As rural and regional print specialists, we were proud to supply a publication that will help agriculture deliver sustainable food into the future. 

Ask us to show you a copy next time we visit, or order your own from DPI Tocal College Publications at