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2019 Rural and Regional Photo Competition: Share YOUR Australia

We have officially launched our 2019 Rural and Regional Photo Competition! For the last three years, we have been printing the Progress Printing desk calendar showcasing our clients’ photography skills. Here’s our guide to capturing a fantastic snap to share with us, with examples from last year’s winners.

1. Pick a location that’s simple, but beautiful
While you may see your surrounds every day, that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful to someone else. Vibrant colours, interesting shapes or something slightly out of the ordinary is interesting and worthy of capturing on film (or calendar).

2. The rule of thirds
A composition rule to remember – consider where the most interesting objects are in the image and ensure they lie where the vertical thirds and horizontal thirds intersect.

3. Lighting, lighting, lighting
There’s a reason that most house listings have their “twilight shot”. They sell homes! Capture your landscape at just the right time of day to capture that hazy warm feeling. Shadows create depth and shapes to create an interesting shot.

4. Technical Requirements
For your entry to be valid, there are a few technical requirements you need to meet.
- Landscape orientation, ideally 210mm x 148mm
- High resolution: meaning, 300dpi
- File size: minimum of 3MB, maximum of 20MB

Find out more about prizes or enter the Regional and Rural Photo Competition here